LMHBC at the Henley Boat Races


Conditions on the 24th of March this year were grim at best. Spectators were huddled in groups trying to keep warm and shelter from the wind whilst cheering on the Oxford and Cambridge crews in the annual Henley Dorney Boat Races. This year LMHBC had 2 members racing. Joanne Lee was up first in the Newton Women’s Boat Race following 2 victories by Osiris and OUWLRC over the Cambridge opposition. Cambridge had the better start in this race however Oxford had a much stronger rhythm and pulled through them to win by a margin of 1 ¾ lengths in a time of 7:21. In the final race of the day Ben Bronselaer was in the 2 seat of the Oxford Lightweight Men’s Boat. The confident Oxford crew led right from the start and won by 1 ⅔ lengths in a time of 6:49. Congratulations to both! Despite the frozen toes it was well worth coming to see a 4-0 overall victory to Oxford!



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