Summer Eights 2014


The Women’s 1st boat had a successful Eights going up 2 places overall despite having to follow Brasenose up through the division. On the first day they were unable to catch Brasenose before they bumped St Hilda’s, but caught St Hilda’s quickly the following day. The same pattern repeated itself on the third and fourth days, with Brasenose escaping W1 by bumping Queen’s on the third day and W1 catching Queen’s on the last day.

The Men’s 1st VIII started their Eights week well by getting revenge on Brasenose who had bumped them to win blades on the final day last year. On the second day prospects again looked good for bumping back St Anne’s from last year, and M1 managed to get overlap by the gut, but failed to steer the corner in time and crashed so were bumped back by Brasenose. Predictably, a row over followed the next day as Brasenose caught St Anne’s, but the final day brought the much awaited bump on St Anne’s and meant that M1 finished up one overall.

The Men’s and Women’s 2nd boats had difficult preparation for Eights, being composed mainly of novices who had been unable to get any water time until Trinity Term due to the bad weather, and fell 2 and 5 places respectively despite putting in valiant efforts to avoid being bumped.


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