Open Day and Alumni Gathering

Victorious Alumni Boat

On the first of November the Boat Club held a gathering down by the river. It was a lovely chance to get together and catch up early in the year; it also gave the alumni and current members an opportunity to mingle and share experiences of their time at Oxford and beyond.

Many thanks to Mark Robson who spoke a few words of welcome and made a generous and valuable donation to the Boat Club.

Afterwards all tucked in to a fantastic spread of sandwiches, kindly provided by the Development Office, and there was an opportunity to chat.

Miraculously it was a beautiful day with bright sunshine, perfect conditions for the highlight of the afternoon, a race between alumni and current members. It was highly contested, but it was the alumni boat who emerged triumphant and demonstrated that they certainly hadn’t lost it.

Later, there was tea and coffee accompanied by some delicious, homemade cakes.
All in all, it was a very convivial event, much enjoyed by everyone.

We are very much hoping that this occasion will become an annual event and hope to see many of you next year.


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