Torpids 2015

M2 Torpids 2015

All crews went into Torpids with high hopes after a good term of training and promising results from informal races. Unfortunately 2015 didn’t prove to be one of LMHBC’s more successful campaigns, however, we all had a amazing time in the Eights-like weather.

M1 knew that they had some fast crews behind them and this played out in M1 getting bumped five times in the first two days. After a stern team chat M1 came out fighting on Friday and Saturday and managed to hold off Queens M1 on both days.

W1 got off to a strong start bumping Queens W1 before the gut. On Thursday the women knew they had a longer race in store but didn’t foresee getting bumped by Hertford by Longbridges. W1 were also bumped on Friday and were just short of bumping Catz on the finish line. On the final day W1 got off to much stronger start and bumped Catz right in front of the OURCs cameraman!

M2 had the best campaign out of all of the LMH crews bumping on three days out of four. They were only denied blades by some expert manoeuvres by the Jesus M3 cox on Thursday. Saturday was a fitting finish to M2’s Torpids as they bumped GTC M2 right in front of our boathouse.

W2 had an interesting start to Torpids and after only a few strokes were propelled into a tree by a fast Brasenose crew. Brasenose received a penalty bump for their ‘enthusiastic’ coxing and so W2 were able to go out the next day and bump Anne’s W2. Friday and Saturday saw our women being chased by the best crews emerging from rowing on and unfortunately W2 were bumped out of fixed divisions on Saturday.

Please see the gallery for some of the best photos from Torpids.


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