Boatie Cocktails A Great Success

Whilst some of M1 were preparing for and racing Autumn Fours, the boat club were busy raising funds through the ever popular boatie cocktails. Talbot hall was packed with people coming from formal hall to enjoy a variety of cocktails. Rowjitos as ever were popular, but rum and stroke, sex on the boat and cosmopaddleton sales were all high as the boat club raised money to fund various projects and running costs. Stash sales on the night were also strong, and in total the boat club made nearly £600! This will be going towards race entry fees, subsidising the costs of external regattas and coaching costs which otherwise would be paid for by members. Events like this also allow generous alumni donations to be spent on exciting projects such as the purchase of a set of sculling blades and small boats to add to the small boats collection now affectionately known as the LMH armada. This will allow crews to improve their technique and hopefully lead to more and more success come bumps racing!


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