M1 Race Autumn Fours

On Sunday, M1 had their first competitive outing of the year in Autumn Fours. 800m side by side racing ensured it would be fast and furious. In the first race LMH beat Jesus A by 1 length, an all the more satisfying victory as all members of the Jesus crew had been part of the crew who bumped LMH at Torpids last year. It was a very chaotic start, due to a fairly half-hearted start by the umpire, but the boys settled in to a strong rhythm quickly, and held Jesus at a length for the rest of the race.

Keble A proved a much tougher challenge, they quickly pulled away from LMH, and although a strong finish saw the gap close rapidly, it was not enough to catch Keble and ultimately the margin of loss was 1 length. This didn’t detract from the performance as the Keble crew were only beaten by overall winners Oriel. A look through the results showed LMH were one of the more competitive crews on the day. (http://www.atm.ox.ac.uk/rowing/fours/)

Next stop for M1 will be Wallingford Head on the 29th of November. The 4.5km course with it’s many twists and turns will prove a stern challenge for both cox and crew!

S – Noah Rivkin

3 – Joost Bauke

2 – Tom Middleton

B – Ollie Watson

Cox- Victoria Rees


(Photo, LMH holding Jesus off as they pass the LMH boathouse)


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