LMH Ready for Torpids

After a very rainy Hilary term, LMH are ready for Torpids. M1 start off the campaign chasing Univ, whilst W1 start off chasing Lincoln.

There were highs and lows at Rowing On. M2 showed they are a force to be reckoned with in the lower divs by coming home first, comfortably ahead off Merton M2 by 5s. Starting 3rd in div 6, they will be looking to make a return to fixed divs. Unfortunately W2 and M3 were not as successful. Hampered by the high stream which stopped outings, the crews had very little preparation time and will miss out on Torpids this year. Both crews will be back for Summer VIIIs with more experience and training under their belts. This also marked the first time in a number of years that LMH has been able to field an M3. Super sub James Mountain was unable to lead M3 to qualifying, though had the honour of being the only person at Rowing On in OUBC stash.

On Saturday there will be a BBQ and bar running all afternoon. Anyone wishing to come down and cheer on the crews, meet new LMHBC members and catch up with old friends will be very welcome. As things stand M2 will race at 12.00 (though fingers crossed that is pushed back to 1.00 as they bump into div 5), W1 at 3.30 and M1 at 4.00.


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