Torpids 2016 – Day 1

Net LMH result = Down 1

M2 – Row over 3rd in div 6

M2 kicked off proceedings and although they showed on Sunday that they were the fastest boat in div 6, they could not account for slower boats bumping even slower boats. Merton 2 bumped Exeter 2 before LMH could reach them, though since Merton then bumped into fixed divs, we’ll be sure to see some slightly less well prepared crews coming down for M2 to open their bumping accounts on in the coming days.

W1 – Bumped by Keble down to 4th in div 2

A strong Keble boat coached by LMH’s very own Robin Veale caught W1 in the gut. Keble look sure to show a number of other crews through the week just how fast they are, and W1 coped with this very well to stay clear of Trinity whilst not losing much ground to Lincoln who they were chasing. Tomorrow will see the women attempt to do the same, and start looking for some bumps to regain their place later on in the week.

M1 – Row over 9th in div 2

M1 saw Univ bump out ahead of them early in the race. Despite this, LMH made a charge over the second half of the course to close up to a canvas on Brasenose which would have been a memorable over bump. Tricky conditions did not help, as the men lost half a length to Univ over the first few strokes of the start. Important lessons were learnt and tomorrow they will come back faster. Having seen off Queen’s early in the race, they will tomorrow be chased by a strong Merton crew who will give them plenty to work with from behind in their attempt to catch Brasenose. With only a length and a half between them tomorrow, this looks like a much more promising chance to get off the mark.


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