Torpids 2016 – Day 2

Net LMH result = Up 1

M2 – Bumped St John’s M3 up to 2nd in div 6

After being disappointed with being unable to overbump Exeter M2 on Wednesday. M2 were chasing them on Thursday until they bumped out on a rapidly falling St John’s M3. LMH were able to get the overbump by longbridges as John’s continued to fall. Exeter then bumped into div 5, leaving M2 to chase Mansfield M2 tomorrow. Since LMH have gained on Exeter on both days so far, they can be confident that they will be able to gain on Mansfield as well and make a push for a return to fixed divs.

W1 – Bumped by Trinity down to 5th in div 2

Having prevented a Trinity overbump yesterday with a gutsy performance, W1 were always likely to struggle this time around. The real challenge came from Catz who then attempted to overbump. Although they closed they did no bump, and shortly afterwards had rowed into the bank. What exactly happened is not yet clear, rumours of broken steering were heard, as were suggestions that they thought they had bumped and then wound down. What was certain was that no contact was made nor a concession given. Catz were awarded a technical row over so will chase LMH again tomorrow. A rapidly falling Worcester should give W1 their first bump of the week once Trinity make short work of them.

M1 – Bumped Brasenose to move up to 8th in div 2

With a fast Merton crew on their tails, M1 had to be much snappier off the start on Thursday. They got away quickly, and closed on Brasenose coming into the gut. Swans near the entrance threatened a klaxon and lead to all crews in the vicinty to take less than ideal lines. Coming up greenbanks Merton came close, but the strong rhythm the men have gained from their head racing experience this winter shone through. They pushed away from Merton and carried on chasing Brasenose. At the boathouses there was lots of overlap, but Brasenose ran to the centre of the stream so LMH continued with their strong rhythm and took the next minute to row clean past Brasenose in an impressive display of strength. With Merton close behind, Brasenose could not concede without confusion, so as LMH crossed the line, they had half a length of clear water on Brasenose, a similar amount of ground as they had made up on Wednesday. This leaves LMH chasing Univ again, and with a strong Jesus crew ahead of them, it seems like they’ll have the whole length of the river to go for the bump.


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