Torpids 2016 – Day 3

Net LMH Result = Up 3

M2 – Bumped Mansfield 2 and Pembroke 3 to reach 13th in div 5

Friday was a big day for M2 who very quickly bumped Mansfield 2 to become the sandwich boat at the top of div 6, this gave them the opportunity to move up into fixed divisions for the first time since they dropped out in 2012. M2 didn’t squander the opportunity and bumped Pembroke 3 even faster than they caught Mansfield 2.

W1 – Bumped Worcester to reach 4th in div 2

Having had 2 tough days at the start of the regatta where the women put out strong performances to hold off very fast crews aiming for overbumps, Friday was the first chance the women had to go for a bump. Worcester gave them a helping hand by crashing into the bank, but LMH were already closing them down for an overbump so all the crash did was bring the bump forwards. This bump kept W1 up at the top end of div 2 keeping div 1 firmly in their sights in the future.

M1 – Rowed over 8th in div 2

After the excitement of a clean row past on Thursday, M1 were chasing a fairly evenly matched Jesus crew who had been bumped by Univ in controversial circumstances on Thursday. Though LMH produced their best row so far, they never closed down on Jesus by any significant amount with the margin oscillating between 1 and 2 boat lengths. However, they gained confidence from knowing that again their strongest part had been an unshakeable rhythm in the 2nd half and coming out on Saturday with a more aggressive start might pay off.


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