Torpids 2016 – Day 4

Net LMH result = Down 9

M2 – Bumped Worcester 2 up to 12th in div 5

M2 showed yet again why they were a force to be reckoned with by bumping quickly on Worcester 2 to cement their position in div 5. This is a fantastic acheivement both for the crew and the boat club as a whole. Bringing M2 back into fixed divisions removes the uncertainty of qualifying and will hopefully be a catalyst for many more years of success. For the 2nd year running M2 have missed out on blades by the narrowest of margins, going up 4 places was a great result and it was only a few metres on day 1 which saw them missing out on an overbump that might have brought them blades.

W1 – Bumped down to the bottom of div 2

Unfortunately W1 found themselves in the bank coming out of the gut and could only watch as the rest of the division rowed past. Having been caught by a blades winning Jesus boat, the stroke woman Isabella’s blade got caught underneath the Jesus boat as they failed to wind down quickly. This dragged the boat into the bank and the mess it caused took too long to recover to prevent the rest of the division from rowing past. This was deeply unfortunate for W1 as the majority of the crews behind had not showed the speed it would have taken to catch W1 in a fair race. Nevertheless, the women can look back on what has been a tough Torpids campaign with fond memories and the motivation to train even harder for VIIIs and return for Torpids next year ready to bring LMH back up the rankings!

M1 – Bumped by Mansfield to 9th in div 2

M1 ended the week in the 9th place position they started in. On Saturday however, they produced the best race they’ve ever done and knew that there was nothing else they could have done to change the outcome. With lessons learned from earlier in the week, M1 started hard and had closed slightly on Jesus when they bumped out on St Anne’s entering the gut. M1 then pressed on aiming for an overbump closing down to a canvas approaching the boathouses. The Mansfield crew behind had shown great speed all the way through the week and were closing all the time, as Anne’s left the racing line in a last ditch attempt to escape LMH were forced to follow as Mansfield were mere inches from the stern at this point. The effort of closing such a large distance to St Anne’s proved too much, and with Mansfield spurred on by the prospect of blades they caught M1 with 100m to go. There was no shame in this result as Mansfield showed all week they were one of the fastest crews on the river. In the past few weeks M1 have made immense progress and at VIIIs they will start with Mansfield chasing them again and with more training under the belt they can look to hold them off next time.


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