Summer Eights, Day 1

M3: Overbumped by St Catz M3. Despite heroic efforts, M3 were overbumped by a St Catz crew. However, they enter Thursday’s race undeterred, with some crucial bumps racing experience now under their belts, and hungry to catch Lincoln M3!

M2: Bumped Oriel M3. After some hair-raisingly close proximity in the gut from the Teddy Hall boat behind, and the crews ahead nearly bumping out, M2 pulled out one hell of a bump on Oriel M3. They look to destroy Somerville M3 in tomorrow’s race – in doing so, becoming the sandwich boat at the bottom of Div 5, and allowing them the opportunity to bump into fixed divisions.

W2: Rowed over. The W2 ladies produced a great row-over today, gaining significant length on Jesus W2 as they passed their cheering fans at the LMH boathouse, and demonstrating the huge amount of progress they have made in training recently. Tomorrow they get a second chance to crucify.

W1: Bumped Wadham W2. W1 delivered a lethal blow to Wadham W2, executing them, nearly literally in the case of their cox, in the gut. Thrilled with their rapid bump (but not as thrilled as their coach, Dan, was), W1 are prepared for a slightly longer row tomorrow.

M1: Bumped Brasenose. M1 achieved their highest-ever placing in Summer Eights today. A wide corner out of the gut (announced live over the tannoy!) prolonged the bump and allowed the Mansfield boat behind to gain some distance, but the M1 boys kept their cool, dramatically bumping Brasenose with blade-on-boat contact in full view of boat house island.

Well done to all of our crews for their performances today, and good luck for tomorrow!


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