Summer Eights, Day 2

M3: Bumped by Balliol M4. Heartbreak again for M3 today, as they were bumped by Balliol while in hot pursuit of Lincoln. Tomorrow they will put it all on the line to evade Corpus – regardless of the boat chasing you, you’ll always have LMH behind you boys!

M2: Bumped Wadham AND Somerville AND just like Torpids

W2: Bumped by Brasenose W2. The plucky W2 girls held off a quick Brasenose boat for an impressive distance before finally succumbing. Tomorrow they will start on bungline 4, ahead of Hugh’s W2.

W1: Bumped Brasenose W1. It was a nail-biter for coach Dan on his tandem, as W1 just secured a bump on Brasenose while Brasenose had overlap on Corpus ahead of them. If they can bump Corpus tomorrow, they will become the sandwich boat for Div 2, and could potentially bump up a division.

M1: Bumped Worcestor M1. M1 executed an absolutely clinical bump on Worcestor, right outside the LMH boathouse, much to the enjoyment of their loving fans. Tomorrow they chase St Catz at top of the division. Like W1, they to have the potential to bump up a division tomorrow, into the highest men’s division at Summer Eights.

The weather was glorious on boat house island today. Join us for a massive day of rowing tomorrow -it promises to be an exciting one!


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