Summer Eights, Day 3

M3: Saved by the klaxon! An early klaxon due to a spectacular ejector crab elsewhere in Div 7 means M3 cannot possibly get spoons this Eights, and have all to play for tomorrow!

W2: Bumped St Hughs. Some unfortunate loss of seats in W2 saw a bump from St Hugh’s. However, they face little threat from a weak Somerville crew behind them, and like M3, enter the final day of Eights with all to play for.

M2: Bumped St Annes. In true M2 style, they got a quick bump, and now enter the final day of Eights with the very real prospect of achieving blades.

W1: Bumped Corpus AND Exeter AND ARE OFFICIALLY IN DIVISION TWO. By far today’s heroes, W1 made quick work of both crews, never having to row for more than 2 minutes. They too enter the final day of Eights with a chance of blades – and will be chasing an Osler crew who are on for spoons.

M1: Rowed-over. Despite heartbreaking canvassing, M1 rowed over behind Catz. Tomorrow they will get a second chance at Catz – although blades are now off the cards, M1 could still bump into Div 1 tomorrow, truly cementing their achievement as the highest ever ranking LMH M1.

Race times for tomorrow will be as follows:

M3: 10:55

W2: 12:45

M2: 1:20

W1: 4:15

M1: 4:45


We hope to see as many people for a day of sunshine, Pimms, and general LMHBC excitement tomorrow!


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