Torpids and the Boat Races

Torpids will be run from Wednesday March the 1st to Saturday the 4th. We would like to invite all supporters and well wishers of LMHBC along to cheer us on. On Saturday there will be a BBQ and bar running to provide refreshments and we hope to see as many of you there as possible. Currently the LMH crews are due to be racing at the following times, though check during Torpids week for confirmation.

M3 – 12.00

W2 and W3 – 12.30

M2 – 1.00

W1 – 2.30 and 3.30

M1 – 4.00

LMHBC will also be having its usual meet up at the Dove pub by Furnival Gardens for the Boat Races on Sunday the 2nd of April. The races are at 4.35 and 5.35, and we will be meeting from 3.30. Alumni of the club, and their friends and family are all very welcome to come along and cheer on the Dark Blues.



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