Torpids day 1 round up

Overall result = +2

W2 kicked off the day with a strong start, but unfortunately their division was klaxoned within the first minute as W2 had already closed up to half a length on Merton W2. They’ll go again tomorrow chasing Merton again, and hopefully have a long enough race to get the bump they deserved today.

M2 continued their strong upward trend of recent bumps racing. Exeter 2 held them off until the boathouses, but eventually M2 closed in for their bump. Tomorrow they chase a St Hugh’s M2 who are already down 5 for the week….

W1 gave us a real fright at the top of div 3,  to say Mansfield had overlap doesn’t do it justice. This video shows how scarily close they got, but the girls found something from somewhere and did enough to hold them off. Their race at the bottom of div 2 was a much less stressful experience for this spectator, as they overbumped on St Hugh’s before even coming into view along green banks. Their place in divison 2 now confirmed, they’ll be chasing Brasenose tomorrow who they closed on today before both crews bumped out on Hugh’s.

M1 had a frustrating day, not able to replicate some of the rowing we’ve been doing in training, Merton closed up very quickly, and Mansfield bumped out on St Anne’s ahead. Coming out of the gut, we found a bit more rhythm and began to pull away from Merton on every stroke. Although we closed up to within 1/4 of a length on St Anne’s, we were not able to overbump this time. Tomorrow we’ll look to clean it up a bit and get the bump on St Anne’s we were so close to today.



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