Torpids day 2

LMH overal result = +5

W2 kicked things off on a day of lovely sunshine with a bump on Exeter 2 by a complete row past, this was the start of a great day of racing for LMH. With one bump under the belt, and with some experience of bumps racing, W2 will look to continue their run of good results chasing St Hilda’s 2

M2 followed that up with a very swift bump on St Hugh’s M3. Keen to conserve energy for later in the week, M2 were all done and dusted by Donny Bridge to look good for the camera ( bump at 1.50). Wolfson 3 may provide a sterner test for the boys tomorrow, but there’s still plenty of speed to be seen from the crew who have not yet been seriously challenged in this campaign.

After a brief delay whilst OURCs seemed to invent an appeal that nobody else had any idea about, W1’s bump on Brasenose was confirmed, along with an extra place gained from the chain bump Brasenose got on St Catz. Tomorrow they line up behind Worcester looking to climb back further into division 2.

M1 entered the gut a canvas ahead of Keble, and a canvas down on St Anne’s, and somehow neither bump took place. St Anne’s bumped out on Worcester, forcing M1 to cross early to escape the carnage at the exit of the gut. Along greenbank they stepped away from Keble and got the bump on Worcester just before the boathouse stretch. Tomorrow will see them lining up in the same scenario but one bungline further up, with St Anne’s to chase, and Keble behind.

It’s been a while since all LMH crews bumped on a single day (longer than the 4 years this writer has been at LMH), and all of our crews start tomorrow with a strong chance of another bump, form over the past few days would certainly suggest it will be another day of steady progress up the bumps chart for LMH. The weather forecast might not be quite so promising, but the results are sure to make up for it and we warmly invite all friends and wellwishers of the boat club to come down and give us a cheer.

W2 – 12.30

M2 – 1.00

W1 – 3.30

M1 – 4.00




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