About Us

Welcome to Lady Margaret Hall Boat Club!

LMHBC was founded in 1976, when a women’s division was finally established. As the senior women’s college, LMH were placed at 1st on the river for the inaugural women’s bumps races and obtained Headship in 1977. The first men’s crew was established in 1980 following the admission of male students into the previously all-women’s college.

Both first boats are now firmly ensconced in Divisions 1 and 2, both at Torpids and Summer VIIIs, with the Men’s 1st VIII holding a place in Divison 1 at Summer VIIIs for the first time in their history. The men have also raced twice at Henley in the Temple Challenge Cup. The Women’s 1st Torpid recently went +3 to 3rd in Division 2, and are poised to reclaim their spot in Division 1 once again. LMHBC also field Men’s and Women’s 2nd VIIIs, and periodically field 3rd VIIIs.

LMHBC has a strong novice programme, and its novices compete and regularly go far in Christ Church Regatta, the novice races in 7th week of Michaelmas Term. Novices have water and erg sessions in preparation for these sprint races, with the Men’s 1st Novice VIII winning in 2015.

Members do land training in the erg shed and the LMH gym on the LMH campus, and do water sessions on the Isis. The 1st VIIIs will usually cycle 15 minutes to do water sessions at Godstow.

Joining the Boat Club

Absolutely anyone and everyone is welcome to row from LMH. Many of our members had never done sports before coming to university and yet now sit in our 1st boats. Contact our committee for more information!

If you have rowed before, please contact Ben or Aoife for more information and advice on how to join our senior squad.

Contact Us

For any enquiries, from joining the club to sponsorship, please contact a member of the committee and we will be more than happy to answer any questions.