LMHBC does an erg marathon

LMHBC is on a mission to buy new rowing machines!

As a double blades winning boat club with over fifty members, we are looking to double the number of rowing machines in our fleet from just 4 to 8. This will allow for each of our crews to train together as a full boat, and drastically improve our capacity to train for Oxford bumps races and external regattas.

In order to raise funds for our new equipment, members of LMHBC will be taking part in a sponsored erg marathon from 7am on Thursday 9th of June to 7am on Friday 10th of June, with 2 rowing machines constantly on the go for 24 whole hours. We’re aiming to row 640km between us – that’s twice the length of the River Thames.

Please support our marathon effort by sponsoring us and helping us to achieve our fundraising target. Our justgiving page can be found here: https://crowdfunding.justgiving.com/LMHBCergmarathon

Unfortunately we cannot claim gift aid on donations via justgiving. However, if you would like to make a donation that can be gift aided, please visit https://www.alumniweb.ox.ac.uk/lmh/giveonline, and designate your gift to the boat club, quoting ‘erg marathon’ in the comments section.

Thank you for your support!


Summer Eights, Day 4

Summer Eights, day 4:

M3: Got bumped. But they did not get spoons! More importantly than anything, M3 took part in Eights this year. 2016 marks the first time in a long time that LMHBC has fielded a 5th boat that qualified for Eights. Congratulations to M3 for being part of the Eights glory 🙂

W2: Rowed-over! W2 did another fantastic row the full length of the Isis. They too avoided spoons, and we are very proud of the improvement they made this term – thank you coach James for all of your help.



Both M2 and W1 each managed to bump up FIVE PLACES and into the division above them this week. Absolutely outstanding work from both crews – LMHBC has not achieved blades, let alone double blades, for a fair while.

and finally

M1: Rowed-over. If there was ever a race to end Eights on, it was this one. The chasing crew’s bowball was sitting next to their cox for the entire length of the island, but M1 completely smashed it, staying cool right until the end and providing the most epic of evasions for everyone on boathouse island to see. Mansfield had bumped us on the final day of Torpids this year, and it was an awesomely gutsy end to Eights to deny them the bump quite so dramatically. M1 finish their campaign as the HIGHEST EVER LMH MEN’S BOAT IN SUMMER EIGHTS.

Congratulations to every single one of our athletes this week. LMHBC has possibly had it’s most successful Eights in history, and all of the hard work has paid off with style.

Summer Eights, Day 3

M3: Saved by the klaxon! An early klaxon due to a spectacular ejector crab elsewhere in Div 7 means M3 cannot possibly get spoons this Eights, and have all to play for tomorrow!

W2: Bumped St Hughs. Some unfortunate loss of seats in W2 saw a bump from St Hugh’s. However, they face little threat from a weak Somerville crew behind them, and like M3, enter the final day of Eights with all to play for.

M2: Bumped St Annes. In true M2 style, they got a quick bump, and now enter the final day of Eights with the very real prospect of achieving blades.

W1: Bumped Corpus AND Exeter AND ARE OFFICIALLY IN DIVISION TWO. By far today’s heroes, W1 made quick work of both crews, never having to row for more than 2 minutes. They too enter the final day of Eights with a chance of blades – and will be chasing an Osler crew who are on for spoons.

M1: Rowed-over. Despite heartbreaking canvassing, M1 rowed over behind Catz. Tomorrow they will get a second chance at Catz – although blades are now off the cards, M1 could still bump into Div 1 tomorrow, truly cementing their achievement as the highest ever ranking LMH M1.

Race times for tomorrow will be as follows:

M3: 10:55

W2: 12:45

M2: 1:20

W1: 4:15

M1: 4:45


We hope to see as many people for a day of sunshine, Pimms, and general LMHBC excitement tomorrow!

Summer Eights, Day 2

M3: Bumped by Balliol M4. Heartbreak again for M3 today, as they were bumped by Balliol while in hot pursuit of Lincoln. Tomorrow they will put it all on the line to evade Corpus – regardless of the boat chasing you, you’ll always have LMH behind you boys!

M2: Bumped Wadham AND Somerville AND just like Torpids

W2: Bumped by Brasenose W2. The plucky W2 girls held off a quick Brasenose boat for an impressive distance before finally succumbing. Tomorrow they will start on bungline 4, ahead of Hugh’s W2.

W1: Bumped Brasenose W1. It was a nail-biter for coach Dan on his tandem, as W1 just secured a bump on Brasenose while Brasenose had overlap on Corpus ahead of them. If they can bump Corpus tomorrow, they will become the sandwich boat for Div 2, and could potentially bump up a division.

M1: Bumped Worcestor M1. M1 executed an absolutely clinical bump on Worcestor, right outside the LMH boathouse, much to the enjoyment of their loving fans. Tomorrow they chase St Catz at top of the division. Like W1, they to have the potential to bump up a division tomorrow, into the highest men’s division at Summer Eights.

The weather was glorious on boat house island today. Join us for a massive day of rowing tomorrow -it promises to be an exciting one!

Summer Eights, Day 1

M3: Overbumped by St Catz M3. Despite heroic efforts, M3 were overbumped by a St Catz crew. However, they enter Thursday’s race undeterred, with some crucial bumps racing experience now under their belts, and hungry to catch Lincoln M3!

M2: Bumped Oriel M3. After some hair-raisingly close proximity in the gut from the Teddy Hall boat behind, and the crews ahead nearly bumping out, M2 pulled out one hell of a bump on Oriel M3. They look to destroy Somerville M3 in tomorrow’s race – in doing so, becoming the sandwich boat at the bottom of Div 5, and allowing them the opportunity to bump into fixed divisions.

W2: Rowed over. The W2 ladies produced a great row-over today, gaining significant length on Jesus W2 as they passed their cheering fans at the LMH boathouse, and demonstrating the huge amount of progress they have made in training recently. Tomorrow they get a second chance to crucify.

W1: Bumped Wadham W2. W1 delivered a lethal blow to Wadham W2, executing them, nearly literally in the case of their cox, in the gut. Thrilled with their rapid bump (but not as thrilled as their coach, Dan, was), W1 are prepared for a slightly longer row tomorrow.

M1: Bumped Brasenose. M1 achieved their highest-ever placing in Summer Eights today. A wide corner out of the gut (announced live over the tannoy!) prolonged the bump and allowed the Mansfield boat behind to gain some distance, but the M1 boys kept their cool, dramatically bumping Brasenose with blade-on-boat contact in full view of boat house island.

Well done to all of our crews for their performances today, and good luck for tomorrow!

Summer Eights: day -1

The very clever Emily Gowers has made us a fab video to help us get pumped for Summer Eights – see below for a video summary of what LMHBC has been up to this year!

For anyone who wishes to come and cheer for us, LMHBC crews will be racing at the following times tomorrow:

M3: 12:00

M2: 1.15

W2: 1.45

W1: 4.15

M1: 5.45

Best of luck to all of our crews for tomorrow; let’s hope it’s an auspicious start to the week!